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Blog Article: Signs At Just The Right Time. Our Angels in Action

Over a year ago, I had worked as a companion for the elderly.  It was an experience I never had before and I loved it. It didn't take long to bond with each one. It's quite simple, they need you, they are often times lonely, and if you treat them with respect, more often than not, you will in return get the same and more...love.

When you walk through that door, whether you're there for 30 minutes, an hour, or several hours, often, you are bringing the sunshine in to what is many times a boring and dreary day for them.

I had one particular client that had me wrapped around her little finger, and she knew it.  She was in her 90's and so much like my own Grandmother. The one I was very close to growing up.  Her soul did not match her age one bit.

She was feisty. I often told her she had ants in her pants.  She'd just laugh. With anything I'd say, she'd laugh. She loved sarcasm as well, and had such a mischievous side. She was a pure heart though, and kind.

I can't count how many times when my shift was over she'd joke and say "no, you can't go home, stay on the sofa and keep me company all night. If you leave I'll push the red button and tell them you're abusing me".  That was her  favorite threat and she thought it was hilarious. She did make me smile, so much. I loved her. We'd both say "love you" often.

For financial reasons as well as emotional ones, after a management change, I left the job. Many of the clients I formed bonds with had to be put with others.  They were also saddened, but I let them know I'd come back and check on them when I could, and when I could.....I did.

I last saw my feisty fave around Valentine's Day. I surprised her at dinner. I had heard of the passing of her very close friend. I wanted to see if she was okay. I could see a shift in her, but she still smiled and repeatedly let me know she was happy to see me.

With all the recent challenges I was facing, unfortunately, time ran out...and it was the last time I saw her.

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